Serving the Church in Kenya


As part of the work of the Italian Group in promoting the renewal of religious life, Fr. Enzo Caruso, their director, conducted a retreat on “Identity and Options” for a group of sisters of the Sacred Heart Congregation living on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. This enabled them to address the question of their future and the meaning of their presence in the world in the light of the great changes that have occurred in recent decades. The sisters had been mainly of Italian birth but there is now a new situation with vocations coming from a variety of African cultures and traditions. This new situation raises the issue of bringing out of this diversity a congregation-family focussed on the new challenges in the world around them.
Our Group as such is not present in Kenya but through this activity, Enzo was able to support the religious in their journey of renewal as they search for new ways that would be faithful to the Church, to their charism and to the needs of the world today.