PNG News


Daru-Kiunga diocese
Our group has worked with the Daru-Kiunga diocese over many years. During an orientation in April course for new persons coming to work in diocese, Roger, the Director of our group in PNG, gave 3 days input about the diocesan journey of all-inclusive renewal as an expression of communion.

Seminar for Bishops on diocesan renewal
Nine bishops, with some of whom we are already working, and others interested in the process described above, gathered in Port Moresby in April. Members of the PNG National team, Bishop Gilles Cote, Fr. Arnold Steffen and Fr. Roger Purcell facilitated the meeting.

Chief’s conference in Bereina diocese in June
Continuing the work of the last 6 years, Roger and members of the diocesan team led a group of 45 chiefs in a reflection on the ideal role of a chief in the light of the changed situation of society today. All felt it was another step of growth for these men as Christian leaders.