People of Hope


Each year in July the members of Community for a Better World in Australia gather at Manly, a Moreton Bay suburb of Brisbane, for a week of renewal and planning. It enables the participants from the vast distances of our country to get together and socialise, to reflect and pray, and to review their experiences of the previous year while looking in hope to the future. 

A big feature this July was an open conversation for several hours with twenty invited guests on a key topic which is being addressed by all the groups of the world-wide Community for a Better World. Presently all national groups of the movement are reflecting in a comprehensive study on the following question. “In the light of the situation of the world and the church today, what sort of reform of the church is needed to enable it to be more authentic in its mission in the world?” At Manly the participants spoke positively and energetically from their concrete experiences and their Christian commitment. It was obvious that all wanted to work towards bettering the situation of people in their various spheres of influence.

In a subsequent review what struck the members of the Community for a Better World was the enthusiasm and appreciation of participants in being able to speak in a forum of interested listeners. As church people they had a rare opportunity to find their voice and have a say.  It was also a great experience of solidarity with other people of good will who are furthering the reign of God for a better world.