Australian Group


Our National Convivenza July 2015 was an experience of Part I of the Revised Communitarian Exercises, originally devised by our founder Fr Riccardo Lombardi.

A New Form of Co-Responsibility


Community for a Better World in Australia have begun a new journey, without the certainties and security of the National Centre in Morisset where Fr Michael Fallon, Ms Jill Gibbs and Sr Tess Connolly worked very ably full-time until July 2010, with Michael and Tess continuing until July 2011.

Oceania News


At the CENACLE 2011 (the 4-yearly International Meeting of the Community Animation Service) in Rome in September 2011, there were four taking part from Oceania: Bishop Gilles Cote and Fr Roger Purcell from PNG and Mrs Margaret Green and Fr Kevin McIntosh from Australia. They chose Fr Kevin McIntosh as the new Area Coordinator, for Oceania.  Fr Kevin McIntosh is the parish priest of Sunbury in Victoria.

Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands


The renewal of the Church in PNG/SI is moving ahead in many dioceses according to different methods and programmes, moving in different phases and stages, with different speed of progress according to the situation of each diocese. The National Team has been involved in the facilitation of a number of activities in different places.

People of Hope


Each year in July the members of Community for a Better World in Australia gather at Manly, a Moreton Bay suburb of Brisbane, for a week of renewal and planning. It enables the participants from the vast distances of our country to get together and socialise, to reflect and pray, and to review their experiences of the previous year while looking in hope to the future. 

Serving the Church in Kenya


As part of the work of the Italian Group in promoting the renewal of religious life, Fr. Enzo Caruso, their director, conducted a retreat on “Identity and Options” for a group of sisters of the Sacred Heart Congregation living on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. This enabled them to address the question of their future and the meaning of their presence in the world in the light of the great changes that have occurred in recent decades. The sisters had been mainly of Italian birth but there is now a new situation with vocations coming from a variety of African cultures and traditions.


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