Renewing Church and Society

What Kind of Society?

We believe that at this time in the history of the world the whole human family, at the different levels of human society, needs to take up the challenge of:

  • Involving all people in the decisions that affect their lives
  • Living unity amidst the extraordinary diversity of life today
  • Struggling for the justice that brings peace
  • Safeguarding our environment
  • Adopting a common ethic
  • Living a spirituality of relationships. 

What Kind of Church?Remember Florence


A Church whose style of life and manner of being is:


  • Knowing and understanding the world - trying to recognise and respond to God’s presence and action in it
  • Speaking out with courage, love and conviction for human dignity and resisting all that diminishes it
  • Living and promoting justice, peace and the integrity of creation
  • Being open to change, in fidelity to Christ



  • Recognising the dignity and uniqueness of each and all and so promoting and valuing diversity
  • Building relationships of equality, understanding and mercy
  • Promoting and living dialogue, in the world and with the world
  • Sharing in decision-making through processes of participation


  • Enabling each and all to grow, giving space for all to live their baptismal dignity, to share their uniqueness and receive that of others
  • Stimulating continuing conversion through mutual affirmation and occasional suggestions for improvement
  • Making its life a witness to the spirituality of communion
  • Exercising authority as a service to the growth of all


  • All serving in different ways to build up the Church and transform the world
  • Providing a model of solidarity to a world of competition and conflict
  • Being a humble and simple presence, witnessing to God's love freely poured out on all


  • Discovering and enjoying God, present in persons, in relationships, in the world and in creation
  • Admiring the harmony and beauty of nature, making our own its silence and peace
  • Giving space for silence, letting ourselves hear the voice of conscience, the voice of God who invites us to love
  • Giving time to reflection which renews us and facilitates communion

"Jesus blazed a trail and if we follow it life and death are made holy and take on a new meaning." 
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