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Model:  CL-3251F

1. This equipment is suitable for the single hanging TAGS, CARDS, TICKETS automatic feeding and labeling
2. Vacuum feeder institution is with high efficiency
3. Adopt CLS high-speed servo feeding system, ensure accuracy of labeling
4. Optional code printing machine.
5. Receiving the stacked and counting function of stack space.

Label feeding Speed: Max.60M/Min
Conveyor Speed:  Max 25M/Min. 
Labeling Speed:  >300pc/Min
Labeling Accuracy: ±0.5mm
Label Max. Width:  15-110mm
Label Max. Length: 200mm
Product Max. Width: 220mm
Product Max. Length: 300mm
Label inner Diameter: Φ76mm
Label external Diameter: MaxΦ320mm
Function: Single sheet of tags/cards feeding labeling
Machine Size: 1800X1000X1500(mm)
Power:  220v  50-60Hz  2kw
Weight: 280kgs