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Model:  CL-526IE
1. This equipment is suitable for the single HandTag, CARDS, Care Label,TICKETS automatic feeding,UV Inkjet,encoding,detecting.
2. Vacuum feeder institution is with high efficiency
3. The equipment is with Eliminate function when detecting bad product.
4. with double station RFID encoding and  detection to ensure accuracy.
5. Realize the UV Inkjet printing with EPC data accordingly.
6. Optional ink jet printing mark on product.
7. With stacker and counter function.
8. User can develop RFID detection software to realize detecting and encoding. 

Detecting Speed Max.: 26000pc/H 
Encode-detecting: 26000pc/H 
UV Inkjet Resolution: 600 dpi 
UV Inkjet wide: 54mm or 108mm
Label width: 20-100mm
Function:Single piece feeding,UV inkjet,encode,detecting
Machine Size: 4680X2000X1421mm
Power: 3 phase 380V 50-60Hz  5KW
Weight:  970kgs