A New Form of Co-Responsibility


Community for a Better World in Australia have begun a new journey, without the certainties and security of the National Centre in Morisset where Fr Michael Fallon, Ms Jill Gibbs and Sr Tess Connolly worked very ably full-time until July 2010, with Michael and Tess continuing until July 2011.

We have a new Director, Mrs Margaret Green of Brisbane. She was assisted by 2 other members of the ‘Directing Team’, Fr Michael Fallon (Brisbane, now deceased)) and Mrs Margaret Russell (Melbourne).

The departure of Jill and Michael leaves our group with a greater awareness of the “provisionality”, which Fr Lombardi, our founder, insisted is fundamental to our way of being.

Inspired by their example, we look forward in hope as we draw on the diverse gifts and service of all our members, all part-time and dispersed between Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand.

We met at Manly, Queensland, from July 23-29th, 2012, for our national “convivenza”. There was much to discuss and plan.