South Korea joins Oceania


In January, Fr. Joseph Cho, National Director of the South Korean Group asked if they could move from the Asia Area and be included in the Oceania Area.

The Koreans have had much contact with our heavenly member Jill Gibbs. Jill had travelled to their country on a number of occasions giving programs and retreats even to the priests. Their national secretary Teresa Kim was with us at the recent Cenacle. The Korean PG is the largest of our three national PG's including many laity.

The four members mentioned above in Oceania News, who attended the Cenacle, consulted and agreed to their request to join our Area. This decision was ratified by the international Directing Team in Rome on 27 February, 2012. We are happy to welcome South Korea and hope to develop a strong relationship over time. Consequently, the Oceania Area now covers three diverse nations which will be enriching to us all, though not without its challenges especially the distances between our three countries.