International Group: 2015 Cenacle.


Every four years, representatives of our Promoting Groups around the world meet for a twelve-day conference, called a Cenacle. For the first time a Cenacle was held outside of Rome at Krakow, Poland in September.  The change of venue was for economic reasons as the cost of this venue was 40% less than if it had been held in Rome.

Forty-five of us gathered in a centre for spirituality formation built in 1996 by the Salvatorian Brothers and Fathers. Some Salvatorians are ministering in our Dioceses of Broken Bay and Perth. The Cenacle was solid work beginning with morning prayer at 8.15, an hour off after lunch, and then resuming until 8.00pm when we had an evening meal. There was one half day free. A cenacle uses instantaneous translations in French, Spanish and English - imagine listening to the same sermon in three languages!

We learned our CBW group now has 565 members in 25 countries. Some national groups are larger - 83 in India, 52 in Korea, 42 in the Congo, 39 in PNG, 38 in Italy; while some groups are smaller - 9 in Spain, 8 in Australia, and 6 in France.

The Cenacle was centered around the spirituality of our Communitarian Exercises and the charism of our founder, Riccardo Lombardi S.J.

We listened to reports from the various countries. For example, in two nations, the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Mexico, all the bishops are doing our Diocesan Renewal Project. In Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, 6 dioceses are working with this project. In northern Poland, the bishops five years ago set up a council to renew their priests as the basis to launch our Parish Renewal Project. In a few countries, our groups have ceased to exist due to a lack of members.

At every Cenacle a new international leadership team is elected. At every Cenacle a new international leadership team is elected. In September, we elected a team of five. Three from the previous team were re-elected; Fr Feliciano Rodriguez Dominguez (Puerto Rico, Director), Fr Ignacio Gonzalez Llopis (Spain) and Deacon Carlos Sola (USA. Our two new members are our current Australian National Director, Margaret Green, and Dr. Amaladhas of India, a married university lecturer.

Fr John Baptist Kim from Korea was elected as the new Area Coordinator for Oceania.