Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands


The Group in PNGSI is a vibrant group with 39 members, working with several dioceses in PNG and the Solomon Islands. Fr Roger Purcell, MSC, is the National Director. The work of the Group is divided between the internal work of development of the group and the external mission of renewal of Church.

The group is very involved with the Conference Pastoral Plan of the Catholic Church in PNGSI.  Roger is Coordinator of the Animation, Evaluation and Monitoring Team, which was selected from members of different dioceses for their experience, knowledge and skills in pastoral planning. This has been approved by the Bishop Conference, and they work regularly with all the Catholic Bishops Conference secretaries.

Internally, they are concerned about identifying new members and offering them a solid formation as members of the group and also for apostolic work in their dioceses. They have people trained for this in the Local Teams and they encourage well prepared and conducted convivenzas.

Externally there are many works in different ways with different people to develop the mind, heart and life style of the church for the future.

Emerging from this is a clear indication that the Renewal of Church is happening; it is moving ahead, slowly but surely, by small degrees in various ways. It was noted in our international study “Towards 50 Years of Vatican II” that, despite some rejection, setbacks, conservatism in the Church, controversy etc., the renewal is going ahead, and cannot be reversed.