Australian Group


National Convivenza July 2015

Margaret Green and Keith Gordon-Davis (a member of our International Directing Team) led us through an experience of Part I of the Revised Communitarian Exercises, originally devised by our founder Fr Riccardo Lombardi. We reflected on topics such as ‘What helps us to live – difficulties etc.’, ‘Listening to the Gospel’, ‘Going back to experience lived, in order to recognise the Signs of the Times’, ‘Expanding our horizon’, ‘New possible keys for the future’, ‘Dreaming’. Every session included personal reflection and sharing. All found this a rich experience.

Being together in our Convivenza is such a help for us because it’s the one time we all get together. Relationships between us are very rich. They are the key. We live unity in diversity with a real sense of the Spirituality of Communion and togetherness. Each year has a focus - last year it was Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter ‘Evangelii Gaudium’.

The presence of a member of the International Directing Team, meant we hear what’s happening on the international scene. We said that we see ourselves as a group who meet regularly, ponder our documents, thus encouraging us to put this into practice in our own parishes and ministries. We are always open to the possibility of responding to requests for units of Spirituality. We concluded our Convivenza fired up and with a lot of hope and excitement for the future.