Ecology and Environment

 Leopard Ground
The world and all it contains of beauty – plants, rivers and seas, skies of the night and the day, animals of the earth, sky and water, are entrusted to us, the human family. All are our joy and responsibility.

This whole marvellous system of nature provides for human beings in a rich variety of essential ways. Our innate relationship with the cosmos derives from the fact that we are made up of the same substance.

Star dust is in our physical make-up.   

As we contemplate this wonder, we come to understand that to exploit it leads to its destruction. We run the risk of damaging and eventually losing our right relationship with the cosmos, with ourselves, with others and with God.    

As Christians, our belief is that one way in which the creative Spirit of God penetrates reality is through the action of wise and contemplative persons everywhere. Through their power and vitality, they involve themselves in a process of “bringing wholeness”. Through them and beyond them, the Spirit renews the face of the earth.

But are we ready for the wide-reaching and profound change in present patterns of living that are so unfriendly to the environment?  

How can we help to bring about a generalised awareness in this regard?

How can we inform public opinion so that the necessary sacrifices will be accepted?