Dialogue a Way of Life

 Standing Watch by Kerry Holland
Dialogue implies sincere and genuine communication among persons, among groups, among cultures and among peoples

  • Dialogue requires silence as well as words
  • We need silence to come to our perception of the truth and to welcome that of others with honesty and openness
  • This leads us as companions to grow together in truth.



A lively gathering


Dialogue is not

  • a succession of monologues - each ignoring the other
  • mere superficial conversation, with no personal involvement and no openness to change an opinion
  • debate: holding to one's own ideas - no encounter, transformation or growth
  • sermon/lesson/indoctrination/brainwashing - one-way exchange implying the other has nothing to say or give, no voice
  • manipulation: I persuade the other to my viewpoint, even in the nicest possible way.