About Us

We are an international Catholic group of lay women and men, bishops, priests and religious, present in 37 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America and Oceania. We are passionate about promoting the type of collective change in ways of thinking, in values and attitudes, in ways of relating and acting that will result in a better world."Harbour" by Catherine Duncan (c)

In other words, our aim is to promote a concerted and continuing movement of conversion, in ever widening and deepening ways, towards a better Church and a better World. It is a conversion of consciences, relationships and structures.


Because we are convinced that such change or conversion of minds, hearts and action needs to be not only personal but collective, we address our services to communities or potential communities rather than to individuals.

Our action is based on the faith that God works in hidden ways to move human beings towards more authentic ways of living together that will result in true happiness for all.

Our group originated in Italy in the aftermath of World War II when Fr. Riccardo Lombardi SJ called urgently for reconciliation, unity and hope, to heal the hatred, division and despair from which society was suffering.

This led to continuing efforts to mobilise people to remake the world in unity, efforts that the group, which grew up around him, continues to this day.

A group of international leaders who gathered recently at our Rome centre


Our vocation and mission therefore entail hope and searching, creativity and openness. We put a special emphasis on encouraging all to go beyond self-interest and serve the wider common good.


In Oceania we are at present located in four regions of Australia: Brisbane, Maitland/Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney; we are active throughout Papua New Guinea and we also work in the Solomon Islands.

Some of the PNG groupSome of the Australian group